Daryush's tutorial on real-world voice monitoring accepted for presentation at Interspeech 2017

July 3, 2017

Daryush's tutorial on "Real-world ambulatory monitoring of vocal behavior" was selected as one of nine tutorials that will be held at the upcoming Interspeech conference in Stockholm. See you there!

Many of us often take verbal communication for granted. Individuals suffering from voice disorders experience significant communication disabilities with far-reaching social, professional, and personal consequences. This tutorial provides an overview of long-term, ambulatory monitoring of daily voice use and in-depth discussions of interdisciplinary research spanning biomedical technology, signal processing, machine learning, and clinical voice assessment. Innovations in mobile and wearable sensor technologies continue to aid in the quantification of vocal behavior that can be used to provide real-time monitoring and biofeedback to facilitate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of behaviorally based voice disorders.


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