Dileep Monie is a teaching fellow for bioengineering courses at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He teaches Biomedical Product Development, Biochemical Engineering and Synthetic Life, Acceptance and Resistance to Innovation, and Tissue Engineering for Clinical Applications. He has also advised and instructed undergraduate biomedical engineering concentrators enrolled in Supervised Reading & Research and Engineering Design Projects.

Dileep earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard in 2015. His senior thesis focused on 3D bioprinting of human organs-on-chips, offering technological advances that may facilitate drug development for precision medicine. Subsequently, he was a researcher associated with Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Currently, Dileep is continuing his training as a physician-scientist (MD-PhD) at the Mayo Clinic Medical Scientist Training Program. His research interests include immunology, regenerative medicine, and computational systems biology. He aims to improve our understanding of the immune system in a manner that will guide the engineering of vaccines, adoptive cell therapies, and synthetic biotics. He is also an advocate for citizen science—promoting the democratization of biology as a founding board member of the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space.