Curriculum Vitae


José do Nascimento is Scholar at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - CfA  Stellar, and Planetary Sciences Division and a professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Brazilian Federal University (DFTE / UFRN; Natal, Brazil).  Along with collaborators,  students, and pos-docs he is interested in understanding  the physical properties of stars particularly similar to the Sun (solar analogs and Twins), subgiant stars and properties of exoplanets orbiting these stars.  Dr. José-Dias do Nascimento has been involved with research topics developed by Dr. Søren Meibom, Dr. Steve Saar  to exploit data from the NASA’s Kepler mission and with Dr. John A. Johnson research group on the characterization of exoplanets from the Kepler mission.


Solar Analogs

The question of whether the Sun is peculiar within the class of solar-type stars has been the subject of active investigation over the past years.  Our knowledge of how low mass stars evolve arises out of our survey of billions of stars within and outside of our Galaxy.  As we piece together the snapshots of these stars of various  masses and sizes, at a range of evolutionary stages, we begin to get a complete picture of how stars and their planets are born, live, and die.


Selectect Results


CfA Press Release No.: 2016-06




Subaru Telescope Observations and the CoRoT   Mission Unveil the Future of the Sun

        May 17, 2013



Image Caption: Artist's rendering of CoRoT Sol 1 and a chronology of the Sun's evolution based on data from the Subaru Telescope and the CoRoT space mission. The illustration indicates how CoRoT Sol 1's discovery will greatly improve our understanding of how the Sun may evolve and allows astronomers to test current theories of solar evolution against an observed, evolved solar twin. Credit: J.D. do Nascimento et al.  (2013) Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL).