East Asian Development Foundations and Strategies

Discussion on East Asian Development: Foundations and Strategies by author Dwight H. Perkins


East Asian Development: Foundations and Strategies
(Harvard University Press, 2013)  213 pages

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Historical Foundations of East Asian Development

Chapter 2; Understanding East Asian Growth

Chapter 3: Government Intervention versus Laissez-Faire in Northeast Asia

Chapter 4: Success and Failures in Southeast Asia

Chapter 5: From Command to Market Economy in China and Vietnam

Chapter 6 The End of High Growth Rates

Comments on East Asian Development:

The topic of East Asian development is an almost irresistible magnet for over-strong assertions and facile generalizations.  In this analysis, informed by a long career working on the region, Dwight Perkins provides the necessary antidote.  Even specialists wil learn much from Perkins’s deeply contextualize, historically informed comparisons.

            Barry Eichengreen, author of Exhorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System

 A remarkable “tour de force”.  Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated through close engagement with East Asia during an extraordinarily eventful half century, Dwight Perkins presents a panoramic overview of the region’s economic transformation from the 1950s onwards.  His brisk, lucid and finely textured account of rapid progress in some countries and mixed outcomes in others in a must read.  Students seeking to understand East Asia’s remarkable economic performance will find this a highly readable one-stop volume; experts will be amply rewarded by the author’s many penetrating insights into the political economy of policymaking and its implementation in the East Asian Context.

            Shahid Yusuf, George Washington University