ECON1620 Introduction to Econometrics





Teaching Assistant for Blaise Melly at Brown University.

Econometrics is the application of statistical methods to the study of economic data and problems. It is used by economists to measure economic phenomena, estimate economic relationships, test the validity of competing economic theories, forecast economic variables, and evaluate government and business policies. Similar methods are used in other social sciences, business, engineering, medicine, etc. Economics 1620 is the basic introductory course in statistics and econometrics in the Economics Department at Brown. The course covers topics in descriptive statistics, probability theory, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. The goal of the course is to provide students with the theoretical background and practical skills needed for understanding the existing empirical studies as well as for carrying out their own empirical work in economics. The students will learn how to apply the methods presented in class to real datasets. Furthermore, students will have a greater understanding of the use of statistics that they will encounter in non-classroom contexts.

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