Research Links:

Peter Girguis' lab at Harvard (Where I currently do my work)

Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (One of my research sites)

Ridge2000 (Funding agency)

NASA Astrobiology (Funding and education)

National Science Foundation (Funding agency)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (My alma mater)

Marine Biological Laboratory (Another top notch research institution in Woods Hole)

Education Links:

Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence (Excellent outreach organization)

Consortium for Ocean Leadership (Linking science, scientist and the public)

Project Oceanology (Oceanology based field experiences for school kids)

Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership (Broad scale science ed.)

Dive and Discover (WHOI) (Information from expeditions to various hydrothermal vents)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Excellent source for information and animations for teachers, students and those seeking a career in science)

Deep Earth Academy (Classroom activities K-12, also an excellent site to browse)