Working papers

Working Paper
Gaikwad, N., Genovese, F., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Climate Action from Abroad: Assessing Mass Support for Cross-Border Climate Compensation. climateactionabroad.pdf
Reddi, V., Plancher, B., Kennedy, S., Moroney, L., Warden, P., ManyGreatPeopleReadThePaper,, & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Widening Access to Applied Machine Learning with TinyML. Publisher's Version
Gaikwad, N., Genovese, F., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Creating Climate Coalitions: Mass Preferences for Compensating Vulnerability in the World's Two Largest Democracies. compensationcoallitions.pdf
Goplerud, M., Kuriwaki, S., Ratkovic, M., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Sparse Multilevel Regression (and Poststratification (sMRP)). sparsemultilevel.pdf
Chaudoin, S., Shapiro, J., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Revolutionizing Teaching and Research with a Structured Debate Platform. structureddebate.pdf
Ratkovic, M., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Estimation and Inference on Nonlinear and Heterogenous Effects. mdei.pdf
Tingley, D., & Tomz, M. (Working Paper). How does the UN Security Council Influence Public Opinion.
Romney, D., Jamal, A., Keohane, R., & Tingley, D. (Forthcoming). The Enemy of my Enemy is not my Friend: Arabic Twitter Sentiment Toward ISIS and the United States. International Studies Quarterly. enemyfriends.pdf