Working papers

Working Paper
Gazmararian, A., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Embedded Liberalism from the Ground Up: Credibility and Climate Transitions. credpaper.pdf
Gaikwad, N., Genovese, F., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Climate Action from Abroad: Assessing Mass Support for Cross-Border Climate Compensation.
Goplerud, M., Kuriwaki, S., Ratkovic, M., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Sparse Multilevel Regression (and Poststratification (sMRP)). sparsemultilevel.pdf
Chaudoin, S., Shapiro, J., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Revolutionizing Teaching and Research with a Structured Debate Platform. structureddebate.pdf
Tingley, D., & Tomz, M. (Working Paper). How does the UN Security Council Influence Public Opinion.