Publications by Year: Working Paper

Working Paper
Ratkovic, M., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). The Method of Direct Estimation for Causal Inference. mde.pdf
Kim, I. S., Milner, H., Bernauer, T., Spilker, G., Osgood, I., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Firms’ Preferences over Multidimensional Trade Policies: Global Production Chains, Investment Protection and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms. Publisher's Version
Kline, R., Mahajan, A., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). Collective Risk and Distributional Equity in Climate Change Bargaining. distributionequity.pdf
Horowitz, M., Stewart, B., Tingley, D., Bishop, M., Resnick, L., Roberts, M., Chang, W., et al. (Working Paper). What Makes Foreign Policy Teams Tick: Explaining Variation in Group Performance At Geopolitical Forecasting. teamwork.pdf
Roberts, M., Stewart, B., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). stm: R Package for Structural Topic Models. Publisher's Version
Huff, C., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). "Who are these people?": Evaluating the Demographic Characteristics and Political Preferences of MTurk Survey Respondents .
Tingley, D., & Tomz, M. (Working Paper). How does the UN Security Council Influence Public Opinion.
Myers, D., & Tingley, D. (Working Paper). The Influence of Emotion on Trust. emotionmanipulationm11.pdf