Research/Working Papers


*Working Paper, "Capital Meets Democracy: The Impact of Suffrage Extension on Sovereign Bond Markets" (with Aditya Dasgupta), Conditional Acceptance, American Journal of Political Science

*Working Paper, "Parochialism, Place-based Identity and Radical Right Voting" (with Daniel Bischof and Hanno Hilbig), Under review

* Working Paper, "How do Voters Respond to Assaults on Checks and Balances: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Turkey" (with Aytug Sasmaz and Alper Yagci), Under Review , EGAP pre-analysis plan 

*Working Paper, "Consequences of Competition Under Autocracy: From Imperial to Weimar Germany" (with Volha Charnysh), Presented Columbia University, 2019



I direct two research groups at Harvard:

*The first (that I co-direct along with Bart Bonikowski and Steve Levitsky)  is the Weatherhead Research Cluster on Challenges to Democracy, which focuses on the different and similar threats to democracy faced by nations around the world. Our aim is to foster conversation between scholars of developing and established democracies, including America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. For the full site:


*The second, Politics Through Timeis a research program that explores the historical emergence of democracy. Just as data science has transformed a range of fields across the natural and social sciences, the study of the political history of democracy and authoritarianism provides the opportunity to leverage new forms of historical data and new techniques of data analysis in order to generate theoretical and applied lessons. Our work has included data collection efforts connected to these projects: Historical Varieties of Democracy ProjectNon-electoral Political Participation in Authoritarian StatesThe Rise of Election Campaigns in Britain, 1892-1931, and several others.  For the full site: