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Papers in Progress

"Capital Meets Democracy: Representative Institutions, Sovereign Debt Risk, and the Rise of Mass Suffrage" (with Aditya Dasgupta), Paper presented at MPSA (2016); Yale University Comparative Politics Series (2012), Juan March Institute (2012)

"Authoritarian Past and Survival of New Democracies: Voting in Imperial and Weimar Germany" (with Volha Charnysh), Paper presented at NYU and Princeton, 2017

Selection of Recent Peer Reviewed Articles

2018 "How do voters perceive changes to the rules of the game? Evidence from the 2014 Hungarian elections" (with John Ahlquist, Nahomi Ichino, and Jason Wittenberg) Journal of Comparative Economics

2015 "How did Britain Democratize? A View from the Sovereign Debt Market” (with Aditya Dasgupta), Journal of Economic History 75 (1) March: 1-29.[lead article] [replication data]

2013. The Enduring Indispensability of the Controlled Comparison (with Dan Slater) Comparative Political Studies 46:10 (October 2013), 1301-1327.

2013. Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe One Hundred Years On(with G. Ekiert) East European Politics and Society 27:1 (February 2013), 90-107.

2011  "An Institutional Theory of Direct and Indirect Rule" (with John Gerring et al.) World Politics 63 (3): 377-433. [replication data]

2010. "The Historical Turn in Democratization Studies" (with Giovanni Capoccia) Comparative Political Studies 43 (8-9): 931-968

2009.  "Shaping Democratic Practice and the Causes of Electoral Fraud" American Political Science Review 103 (1): 1-21. [replication data]

2008. "Does Landholding Inequality Block Democratization? The "Bread and Democracy" Thesis and the Case of Prussia World Politics 60 (4): 610-641. [replication data]

2008. “Why Some Cities Provide More Public Goods Than Others: A Subnational Comparison of GermanbCities in 1912” Studies in Comparative International Development 43 (3/4): 273-289

2006.  "How Did Europe Democratize?" World Politics 58 (2): 311-338

2006.  Structuring the State: The Formation of Italy and Germany and the Puzzle of Federalism   (Princeton: Princeton University Press)

  • Winner, 2007, Best Book Award, European Politics and Society Section, APSA
  • Winner 2004 Gabriel Almond Prize, Comparative Politics Best Dissertation Prize, APSA
  • Winner 2003 Ernst Haas Prize, European Politics and Society Best Dissertation Prize, APSA

2006. “Il Perché dell’Assenza di Federalismo in Italia: Una Prospettiva Storica Comparata” (“Why is there no Federalism in Italy? A Comparative Historical Perspective”) Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, 36 (2): 296-308.

2004.  "Rethinking the Origins of Federalism" World Politics 57 (1): 70

Other Publications

2013. "Why Do we Still Read Barrington More? Some Reflections on the Survival of an Intellectual Icon" Comparative Democratization Newsletter, APSA 11 (1)

2013.  "The European Union Between Federalism and Centralization: State-Building Lessons from the Nineteenth Century" in Peterson and Nadler (eds). The Global Debt Crisis: Haunting U.S. and European Union Federalism (Brookings Institution Press)

2009. “Gli Usi Della Storia in Politica Comparata” [‘The Uses of History in Comparative Politics’] Quaderni di Scienza Politica 16 (3): 433-445.

2008. “A More Efficient and Accountable Polity? Consequences of Germany’s 2006Constitutional Reform” (with Simone Burkhart and Philip Manow) German Politics 17 (4): 522-540.

2006. “Does Decentralization Make Government More Efficient and Effective?” (With Conor O’Dwyer) Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics 44 (3): 326-343.

2006. “Honecker's Revenge: The Enduring Legacy of German Unification in the 2005 Election" (With Jeffrey Kopstein) German Politics and Society 24 (1): 134-147.

2002. “Recasting German Federalism? The New Politics of Fiscal Decentralization in Post-Unification Germany” Politische Vierteljahresschrift 43 (4): 624-652.

1998. “The Adaptation of Ex-Communist Parties to Post-Communist East Central Europe: A Comparative Study of the Hungarian and East German Ex-Communist Parties,” Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 31 (2): 119-137.

1998. “Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again: Communism’s Collapse and the Reconstruction of the East German Ex-Communist Party” German Politics and Society 16 (1): 1-29.