Politics Through Time

Politics Through Time is a research program that explores how contemporary democracies themselves democratized. Just as data science has transformed a range of fields across the natural and social sciences, the study of the political history of democracy and authoritarianism provides the opportunity to leverage new forms of data and new techniques of data analysis in order to generate theoretical and applied lessons. 

Working in part with the collaboration of other centers at Harvard (including the Institute of Quantitative Social Science, the Center for Geographic Analysis, and the Center for European Studies), the program depends on the joint effort of faculty, trained graduate students, and undergraduate junior "apprentices" to assemble this body of data and make it publicly available online. Politics Through Time also makes it work accessible to the academic community through numerous interdisciplinary workshops and conferences.

Daniel Ziblatt is a director of several research projects in the Politics Through Time program including: Historical Varieties of Democracy ProjectNon-electoral Political Participation in Authoritarian StatesThe Rise of Election Campaigns in Britain, 1892-1931, and several others. 

For full site: https://historicalelections.fas.harvard.edu/