I'm interested in low-level, physics-based, bio-inspired artificial vision.


Focal Flow, Extended
E Alexander, Qi Guo, Sanjeev Koppal, Steven J. Gortler, & Todd Zickler
International Journal of Computer Vision, 2017

We extend our theoretical and practical work on focal flow by presenting a fully general uniqueness proof and an end-to-end calibration procedure that improves empirical results.


focal track

Focal Track
Qi Guo, E Alexander, & Todd Zickler
International Conference of Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017
Best Demo Award, International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 2018

We present a monocular and computationally efficient depth sensor that is based on defocus controlled by a liquid membrane lens and produces full resolution depth and confidence maps at 100 frames per second.


focal flow

Focal Flow
E Alexander, Qi Guo, Sanjeev Koppal, Steven J. Gortler, & Todd Zickler
European Conference of Computer Vision (ECCV), 2016
Best Student Paper Award

We present a computationally inexpensive, provably unique linear constraint that relates images derivatives to depth and velocity, based on a combination of optical defocus and differential motion.



Color and Shading
Benjamin Kunsberg, Daniel Holtmann-Rice, E Alexander, Steven Cholewiak, Roland Fleming, & Steven W. Zucker
Royal Society Interface Focus, 2018

We explore how the interaction between color and shading gradients affects human perception of shape, material, and illumination.