Astronomy 301hf: Journal Club





Each week two speakers (students, faculty, SAO scientists) will report on current research in astronomy or their own research work, providing students with an opportunity to practice the organization and presentation of technical material and to obtain a broad background in current astronomy research.  Faculty/SAO scientist talks are also designed to introduce students to research activities and opportunities at the CfA, and will be mainly geared to the first semester of each year.  A minimum of two presentations will be expected from each student, during the second year of graduate school and in one subsequent year.  First-year students are required to attend but are not required to present, and all students are strongly encouraged to attend even if they do not present.  Students may only report on their own research work or research area once.  The course is intended as an opportunity for substantive discussion, as an opportunity to find out about research activities at the CfA, and to foster interaction between the students and faculty.