Mario and Lu-Ouija Board

As the final project of ES50, our team of three developed a long-distance electronic communication board that can maintain two-way communication with moving arrows, light sources, and a dial. Named as a play on the name Luigi and Ouija boards, it uses an Arduino, Python scripts, a Discord bot, and custom analog circuitry to convey messages over the Internet. With this project we aimed to create an engaging and novel way to communicate with long distance friends, as our team was separated by thousands of miles and 11 time zones.


Our idea was based on ‘friendship lamps’, programmable lamps that would change color when the friend would touch the lamp. We appreciated the idea of long-distance simulation of physical interaction, but we found marketed items to be overpriced and lacking in features. Thus, we set out to create a more expressive way to communicate.


The linked video explains and demonstrates a working prototype. The project report can be found below.

es50project_por.pdf5.04 MB