Brief C.V.



Sucessful Proposals as PI ($1M, >1.6Ms space- and 49h ground-based)

  • NASA ADAP, Probing Gas Motions in the Cluster Outskirts with X-ray and SZ Effect Observations, 2018, $364K
  • Chandra, Cycle 19, The Galactic Halo Revealed in 94Ms of Chandra, 2017, $80K
  • Chandra, Cycle 19, Revealing the Formation Mechanism of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies, GTO, 2017, 100ks
  • XMM-Newton, Cycle 16, Deep X-ray Spectroscopy of the Most Distant, Massive Clusters Known, 2016, 750ks, $92K
  • NASA ADAP, A Detailed Study of Chemical Enrichment History of Galaxy Clusters out to Virial Radius, 2016, Science PI, $246K
  • Chandra, Cycle 18, Probing the Physics of the ICM in the Most Violent Mergers at High Redshift, 2016, GTO, 100ks
  • Chandra, Cycle 16, Confronting Chandra Spectroscopy with Experimental Measurements: Testing the Unidentified 3.55keV Line, 2014, Science PI, $70K.
  • Suzaku, Cycle 9, A Detailed Study of Chemical Enrichment of A3112 out to the Virial Radius, 2014, 200ks
  • NASA ADAP, A Flash in the Dark: Searching for Decaying Dark Matter Signal in Galaxy Clusters, 2013, $160K.
  • NRL GBT, An Indepth Study of Distant Galaxy Cluster Mergers through SZ, X-ray, and Radio Observations, 2013, 49h of MUSTANG
  • Suzaku, Cycle 8, Chemical Evolution History of a Cool Core Cluster A3112, 2013, 200ks

Selected Invited Talks at International Conferences

  • Astrophysics of Hot Plasma in Extended X-ray Sources, Cluster Outskirts, Jun 2019
  • ICAMDATA, The role of Atomic Data in Indirect Dark Matter Searches, Nov 2018
  • From Dark Energy to Bright Synergies, Sesto, July 2018
  • PITT PACC Workshop, Probing the Nature of Dark Matter with LSST, Mar 2018
  • KITP Workshop, Dark Matter Detection or Detectability, May 2018
  • Snow Cluster, Suzaku measurements of abundances at large radii, Utah, Mar 2018
  • GRAPPA @5, Indirect Dark Matter Detection in the X-ray Band, Amsterdam, Oct 2017
  • TeV Particle Astrophysics, Plenary Talk, Ohio, Aug 2017
  • The X-ray Universe, Indirect Dark Matter Searches in X-rays, Rome, Jun 2017
  • Timing and Spectroscopy in the New Era of Astronomy, Dark Matter Searches with Hitomi, London, Feb 2017
  • Workshop on Particles and Cosmology, Dark Matter Searches in the X-ray Band, the Past, the Present, the Future, Greece, Sep 2015
  • The Chalonge Meudon Warm Dark Matter Workshop, The 3.5keV emission line in the X- ray spectrum of galaxy clusters, Paris, Jun 2015
  • Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Physics, Dark Matter Searches: Past, Present & Future, Apr 2015
  • Snow Cluster/Snow Dark, Dark Matter Searches in the X-ray Band, Utah, Mar 2015
  • Turkish National Astronomy Conference, Feb 2015
  • Prospects in Neutrino Physics, Status of keV neutrino dark matter, London, Dec 2014
  • Pacific 2014, Detection of the 3.55keV Line: Could it be DM Decay Feature?, Sep 2014
  • Chalonge Meudon Workshop, Detection of a New keV Emission Line in Clusters, Jun 2014
  • Astroparticle Physics Conference, Indirect detections of dark matter, May 2014
  • The 26th Rencontre de Blois, Particle Physics and Cosmology Workshop, May 2014

Invited Mission Talks

  • Athena WFI Consortium Meeting #8, Shaken and Stirred Galaxy Cluster Outskirts with the Eyes of Athena WFI, Nov 2018
  • Athena XIFU Consortium Meeting #8, Dark Matter Searches with Athena XIFU, Mar 2018
  • Strobe-X Kick-off Meeting, Cluster Outskirts with Strobe-X, Oct 2017

Selected Invited Colloquia and Seminars

  • Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Astrophysics Seminar, Jan 2019
  • Rutgers University, Astrophysics Colloquium, Apr 2018
  • Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Astrophysics Seminar, Jul 2017
  • University of California Irvine, Physics Colloquium, May 2017
  • Boston University, Astrophysics Colloquium, Apr 2017
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell, Astrophysics Colloquium, Feb 2017
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville, Physics Colloquium, Jan 2017
  • Yale University, YCAA Seminar, Jan 2017
  • Brandeis University, Astrophysics Colloquium, Jan 2017
  • George Washington University, Colloquium, Dec 2016
  • University of Michigan, Colloquium, Nov 2016
  • Ohio State University, CCAP Colloquium, April, 2016
  • MIT, Particle Physics Seminar, Feb. 2016
  • Amherst College, Astrophysics Colloquium, Nov 2015
  • Harvard University, Particle Physics Seminar, Apr 2015
  • University of Chicago, Cosmology Colloquium, Oct 2014
  • New York University, Physics Colloquium, Oct 2014
  • Los Alamos National Lab, Physics Colloquium, Jul 2014
  • Harvard University, ITC/CfA Luncheon, May 2014
  • NASA MSFC, X-ray Seminar, Jan 2013
  • NASA GSFC, X-ray Seminar, Jan 2012
  • MIT, Chandra HETG Meeting, Dec. 2011
  • Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Summer Colloquium, July 2011