Compression of Wannier functions into Gaussian-type orbitals


Bakhta A, Cances E, Cazeaux P, Fang S, Kaxiras E. Compression of Wannier functions into Gaussian-type orbitals. COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS. 2018;230 :27-37.

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We propose a greedy algorithm for the compression of Wannier functions into Gaussian-polynomials orbitals. The so-obtained compressed Wannier functions can be stored in a very compact form, and can be used to efficiently parameterize effective tight-binding Hamiltonians for multilayer 2D materials for instance. The compression method preserves the symmetries (if any) of the original Wannier function. We provide algorithmic details, and illustrate the performance of our implementation on several examples, including graphene, hexagonal boron-nitride, single-layer FeSe, and bulk silicon in the diamond cubic structure. (C) 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.