Implanted neural network potentials: Application to Li-Si alloys


Onat B, Cubuk ED, Malone BD, Kaxiras E. Implanted neural network potentials: Application to Li-Si alloys. PHYSICAL REVIEW B. 2018;97 (9).

Date Published:

MAR 20


Modeling the behavior of materials composed of elements with different bonding and electronic structure character for large spatial and temporal scales and over a large compositional range is a challenging problem. Cases in point are amorphous alloys of Si, a prototypical covalent material, and Li, a prototypical metal, which are being considered as anodes for high-energy-density batteries. To address this challenge, we develop a methodology based on neural networks that extends the conventional training approach to incorporate pre-trained parts that capture the character of different components, into the overall network; we refer to this model as the ``implanted neural network'' method. We show that this approach works well for the Si-Li amorphous alloys for a wide range of compositions, giving good results for key quantities like the diffusion coefficients. The method is readily generalizable to more complicated situations that involve two or more different elements.