Mapping reactive flow patterns in monolithic nanoporous catalysts


Falcucci G, Succi S, Montessori A, Melchionna S, Prestininzi P, Barroo C, Bell DC, Biener MM, Biener J, Zugic B, et al. Mapping reactive flow patterns in monolithic nanoporous catalysts. MICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS. 2016;20 (7).

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The development of high-efficiency porous catalyst membranes critically depends on our understanding of where the majority of the chemical conversions occur within the porous structure. This requires mapping of chemical reactions and mass transport inside the complex nanoscale architecture of porous catalyst membranes which is a multiscale problem in both the temporal and spatial domains. To address this problem, we developed a multiscale mass transport computational framework based on the lattice Boltzmann method that allows us to account for catalytic reactions at the gas-solid interface by introducing a new boundary condition. In good agreement with experiments, the simulations reveal that most catalytic reactions occur near the gas-flow facing side of the catalyst membrane if chemical reactions are fast compared to mass transport within the porous catalyst membrane.