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Professional Writings

Why Ted Cruz Is Not A Natural Born Citizen Eligible To Be President And Why The Issue Is Not A Political Question
(Amicus Brief to NY appellate court)

Amicus Brief in North Carolina Dental Board v. FTC
(Before US Supreme Court)

Cert Petition in PSKS v Leegin
(Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit)

Antitrust Analysis of GPO Exclusionary Agreements 
(Comments Regarding Hearings on Health Care and Competition Law and Policy - Statement for DOJ-FTC Hearing on GPO's - Sept. 26, 2003) 

Amicus Brief in Partisan Gerrymandering Case Before Supreme Court 
(Brief Amicus Curiae of Democratic Pennsylvania Voters Joann Erfer and Jeffrey B. Albert in Support of Apellants in Vieth v. Jubilirer) 

The Exclusion of Competition for Hospital Sales Through Group Purchasing Organizations 
(report to U.S. Senate) 
Tunney Act Comments of Professor Einer Elhauge on the Proposed Settlement between the United States and Microsoft


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