AIU 58Modern Art and Modernity (course head, co-taught with Profs Benjamin Buchloh and Maria Gough)
HAA 174kPainting and Sculpture in 19th-Century France
HAA 174sBody Image in French Visual Culture (18th & 19th Centuries)
HAA 70Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture, 1700-1990s
HAA 17Introduction to 19th-Century European Art
HAA 11Landmarks of World Architecture (team-taught: contribution of 2 lectures)
HAA 1aSurvey of World Art (team-taught: contribution of 2 lectures)
HAA 10The Western Tradition: Art Since the Renaissance (team-taught: contribution of 2 lectures)



HAA 270eArt and the Enlightenment
HAA 170kLearning from Drawing
HAA 271xThe Origins of Modernity: The "New” 18TH Century
HAA 173gDrawing on Exhibition
HAA 173mThe Early Modern Artist
HAA 171xExoticism and Orientalism
HAA 173wDavid Against David
HAA 178sCritical Strategies in Contemporary Art
HAA 173yDifference from Within: Contemporary Women Artists
HAA 271xThe Origins of Modernity: The New 18th-Century
HAA 274kMasculinity and Representation (18th C to the Present)
HAA 272oSeeing Difference: Feminist Theory and Modern Art
HAA 278yModern Art and Subjectivity (18th-century to the Present)
HAA 271wArt and Revolution
HAA 272ePainting and Its Discontents
HAA 272nSpace and Subjectivity in the Modern Period (co-taught with Prof. Antoine Picon, GSD)
HAA 270mThe Ethnographic Imagination (co-taught with prof. Christie McDonald, Romance Languages and Literatures)
HAA 278gDrawing: Object, Medium, Discourse
HAA 310Methods and Theories in Art History
HAA 98junior tutorials on selected topics (contemporary visual culture; critical theory; frame and institutions of art display; body and subjectivity, the new 18th century; painting and critical reflection in the 18th c; and others.)