In Preparation
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Elana Kalashnikov. Submitted. “Mirror symmetry for GIT quotients and their subvarieties”.Abstract
These notes are based on an invited mini-course delivered at the 2019 PIMS-Fields Summer School on Algebraic Geometry in High-Energy Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. They give an introduction to mirror constructions for Fano GIT quotients and their subvarieties, especially as relates to the Fano classification program. They are aimed at beginning graduate students. We begin with an introduction to GIT, then construct toric varieties via GIT, outlining some basic properties that can be read off the GIT data. We describe how to produce a Laurent polynomial mirror for a Fano toric complete intersection, and explain the proof in the case of P 2 . We then describe conjectural mirror constructions for some non-Abelian GIT quotients. There are no original results in these notes.
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