HGWISE is a graduate student organization dedicated to the personal, academic, and professional development of women in natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering at Harvard University. I have served on the Executive Board of HGWISE throughout my degree, planning a range of professional development and social events for graduate women on two campuses. Most recently, I served as the Mentoring Program Co-Chair, helping to organize a mentoring program pairing 180 graduate students with 80 mentors from academia and industry.  


CuSTEMized is a non-profit dedicated to creating personalized, motivational storybooks for children to help them envision careers in STEM fields. I contributed a bio and poem about my research with phytoplankton, which is featured in the non-profit's newest storybook, My Scientific Name.

Journal of Emerging Investigators

The Journal of Emerging Investigators is a scientific journal that publishes original scientific research written by middle and high school students. I have served as a Scientific Editor for this journal since 2014, navigating journal submissions through peer review and providing feedback and encouragement to the authors. 


www.p-co2.org was developed through an international collaboration to synthesize information about marine COproxies for expert and non-expert audiences.