• AdamSerwer
    AdamSerwer Some people out here who think police murdering a black 12 year old with a toy gun is justified suddenly get really into forgiveness and grace when a white teen loses his chance go to Harvard.
  • SamGees64
    SamGees64 @elizabhinton @Harvard I served a 41 month sentence as a teen in a CA Youth Authority facility YTS in the mid '90s that partnered w/ @ULaVerne . I completed 42 units of undergrad before i paroled that gave me the boost to continue on the outside. More prisons need these partnerships 😎💪✊🗽
  • BalaclvaScholar
    BalaclvaScholar I wanted to ask him why a white officer arrested me twice for minor infractions and why the UCPD arrests Black folks, unemployed folks, and houseless folks at disproportionate rates. The data don’t lie. And it shows y’all wasting our money targeting these folks
  • BalaclvaScholar
    BalaclvaScholar I had to graduate with Honors to meet with Chancellor Block. I tried but had never met him. I didn’t want his handshake- I gave him a letter filled with testimonies and findings from my research of racial targeting by the UCPD. He tried to give it back, I said nah that’s for you t.co/6tQ2ayIJ6s
  • BalaclvaScholar
    BalaclvaScholar Excited to start my PhD at Harvard in the fall. I was pushed out of 3 high schools before dropping out. Spent 5 years at community college. Soon, I graduate with honors from UCLA. I’m grateful to be the first in my family to graduate, but more grateful knowing I won’t be the last t.co/SNF6dkcGyk