Harvard Yard Archaeology Project


Capone, P., Loren, D., Emanuel, J. P., & Wolf, A. (2018). Harvard Yard Archaeology Project . Harvard University Information Technology/Faculty of Arts and Sciences (HUIT/FAS) Project Review Board Grant, $25,000 (Co-Investigator).
Harvard Yard Archaeology Project


For over a decade, sections of Harvard Yard have been opened up every other fall so that students in the College can study the history that lies beneath their feet. The excavation is part of the Archaeology of Harvard Yard (ANTH 1130 and 1131), a two-semester course offered biennially by the Department of Anthropology and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.

The Peabody Museum has displayed artifacts from this excavation in its “Digging Veritas” exhibit since 2008, and a recent partnership between Academic Technology for FAS (AT-FAS) and the Peabody is bringing the dig to life in a new, technologically-advanced way, using an online exhibition tool (Omeka) and an augmented reality (AR) application that allows users both to view 3D reconstructions of the trenches, and to access student-authored "object biographies" of key finds from the excavation.

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Last updated on 10/04/2018