University & Department Service

Co-Founder and Standing Committee Member, Harvard University Digital Scholarship Support Group (DSSG). 2015–present.

Co-Chair and Member of Core Committee for Organizing and Planning, Harvard University Digital Futures Consortium. (Co-Chair 2017–2019; Member 2013–2019).

Member, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Standing Committee on Academic Technology (Harvard University Information Technology). 2018–present.

Co-Chair and Charter Member, Digital Asset Management for Harvard Scholars Committee (HDAM). 2015–2017.

Member and SPARK Grant Application Reviewer, Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) Teaching and Learning Consortium (TLC). 2015–present.
–– Co-Chair, In-Class/Synchronous and Out-of-Class/Asynchronous Activities subgroup, 2017–18.

Member, General Education Instructional Services Support Team (ISST) (Harvard Program in General Education). 2015–16.

Charter Member, Harvard University Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom Support Team (HarvardX and Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning). 2013–15.

Founding Co-Chair, HarvardX Instructor Experience Committee. 2014-15.

Founding Co-Chair, HarvardX Learner Experience Committee. 2014-15.

Charter Member, Archiving and Rights Management Committee (HarvardX and Harvard Library). 2014-15.

Charter Member, LibraryX Committee (HarvardX, Harvard Libraries & Harvard Museums of Science & Culture). 2013-15.