Beekan Short Bio, courses and Certificates


BeekanBeekan has over 10 years’ experience in the Oromo language teaching, writing, training and researching. Currently, he is a part- time student and staff assistant at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He taught the Oromo in 2016 in Harvard’s African Language Program. In 2018 he served as a native speaker consultant in the Harvard linguistics department. He was an adjunct lecturer in literature at the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2017. He has published numerous books and articles in his native language, Oromo.   Before joining Harvard, he was a Lecturer at Ambo University, Oromia and taught Oromo literature and Folklore.  Beekan has earned his BA and MA degree in Oromo Education in 2006 and 2009 from Jimma and Addis Ababa Universities. He studied for his Ph.D. in documentary linguistics and culture at the same University. His study was disrupted because of the political turmoil in the country and he joined Harvard in 2015 as a visiting scholar. Beekan is experienced in higher education and, skilled in E-learning and numerous forms of media and multimedia. He loves to learn new things which inspire him and others to fulfill the dream of the dreamers.    

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Beekan G Erena was starting Graduate School Courses  From Harvard Graduate School of Education

1. Youth, New Media & Participatory Politics: EDU T510Q
Learning in a Globalizing World: Language Acquisition, Cultural Awareness, and Cognitive Justice: EDU H110, Spring 2019.
3. Video Storytelling: STS-43, Spring 2019

Beekan G Erena Training Completion ( at HGSE

  1. Coaching and Developing Employees
  2. Coaching Your Team
  3.  Collaboration Mindset
  4.  Communication Funamentals
  5. Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office
  6. Customer Service Fundamentals
  7. Customer Service: Serving Internal Customers
  8. Developing Employees
  9.  Effective Listening
  10.  Harvard Phone Training
  11. Introduction to ROPPA
  12. Leadership Fundamentals
  13. Managing Project Change
  14.  Managing Project Risk
  15.  Managing Project Stakeholders
  16. Managing Project Teams
  17. Outlook 2016 Essential Training
  18.  PeopleSoft ASIP
  19.  Presentation Skills
  20.  Project Management Fundamentals
  21. Site Building with OpenScholar Presented by HWP
  22. Thinking Like a Leader
  23. University Employees: Supporting a Harassment-Free Community 2017
  24.  Writing Customer Service Emails
  25. SharePoint Online Essential Training: The Basics
  26. Delegating Responsibilities
  27. Achieving Your Goals
  28. Decision-Making Fundamentals
  29. Communicating with Empathy
  30. Delegating Tasks to Your Team
  31. Holding Yourself Accountable
  32. Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Awareness 


Certificates in Ethiopia

1. Participation at Mettu University, Ethiopia

2. Workshop Participation at Jimma University,Ethiopia


linkidin courses

1. Creative Insights: Renaldo Lawrence on Elearning