Scotney: Archaeological Survey and Map Analysis


Eric D. Johnson, Timothy Sly, and Matthew Johnson. 2017. “Scotney: Archaeological Survey and Map Analysis.” In Lived Experience in the Later Middle Ages: Studies of Bodiam and Other Elite Landscapes in South-Eastern England, Pp. 95-105. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Publisher's Version
Scotney: Archaeological Survey and Map Analysis


This chapter focuses on the landscape of Scotney. Scotney is a late medieval castle close to Bodiam and built in the later 14th century. It also has a complex landscape, with water features, much of which survives within a 19th-century picturesque landscape park. The area of parkland south and west of the castle was surveyed by the Southampton/Northwestern team. This chapter reports on this work, and places the survey results in the context of wider evidence for the Scotney landscape in the later medieval period.
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