Clinical Training

Clinical Orientation

My graduate clinical training has equipped me with skills in emprically supported treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and mentalization based treatment (MBT).  I have honed these skills through outpatient, inpatient, and residential treatment settings.  CBT forms the foundation of my practice, as I believe it is crucial to formulate a diagnostic picture with patients, set goals with them for their recovery, and use targeted cognitive and behavioral interventions to help them reduce their symptoms.  However, I have seen the power of enriching these approaches with mindfulness-based practices.  For example, adherence to exposures can be amplified by clarifying for patients how exposures align with their values (Twohig et al., 2015).  Finally, when appropriate, I believe DBT skills coaching and the overarching mentalizing skills taught by MBT can be helpful in teaching patients deeper skills in how to make wise decisions, regulate their emotions in times of distress, and build healthy relationships.  Overall, my clinical training has provided me with holistic tools for understanding and intervening on mental illness. 

Current Clinical Practice

New York Anxiety Treatment, New York, NY. 2021 – Present
Supervisor: Anna Edwards, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Clinician: Serve as weekly outpatient therapist for patients with anxiety disorders.


Predoctoral Clinical Training

Weill Cornell Medical College / New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY. 2020 – 2021
Supervisors: Susan Evans, Ph.D., Jessica Latack, Ph.D., Avital Falk, Ph.D., Michelle Pelcovitz, Ph.D., Elizabeth Auchincloss, M.D., Corinne Catarozoli, PhD.
Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Intern: Served as outpatient therapist in the Cognitive Therapy Clinic, the Child/Adolescent Outpatient Clinic, and the Pediatric Behavioral Medicine service. Co-led group therapy sessions for youth in the Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety and Tic Disorders clinic. Completed weekly intake assessments through the Evaluation Clinic. Served as a psychologist on a multidisciplinary team in the Psychiatric Emergency Room.

Home Base Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. 2019.                       
Supervisor: Erika Clark, Ph.D.
Neuropsychology Practicum Student: Completed two-day neuropsychological assessments for veterans seeking insight into their cognitive functioning in an out-patient setting.  Produced reports on findings and provided feedback to patients. Assessment battery included clinical interview, WAIS, WMS, D-KEFS, MMPI-2-RF, grooved pegboard, Rey Complex Figure Task, Conners Continuous Performance Task-3, and questionnaires.

Gunderson Residence at McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA. 2017 – 2018.
Supervisors: Lois Choi-Kain, M.Ed., M.D., Karen L. Jacob, Ph.D., Brandon Unruh, M.D.
Clinical Psychology Practicum Student: Provided DBT-based, mindfulness-based, and exposure-based skills coaching to women with severe borderline personality disorder through individual and group sessions in a residential hospital setting.  Completed diagnostic assessments using SCID, SCID-II, and SNAP-2 and produced assessment reports. 

Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) at Boston University, Boston, MA. 2016 – 2017
Supervisors: Lisa Smith, Ph.D., Sharon Eldar, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology Practicum Student: Responsible for CBT-based treatment for patients with anxiety and related disorders. Received expert training on cutting-edge anxiety and depression treatments.  Completed diagnostic assessments using the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule (ADIS) and produced assessment reports.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Institute at McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA. 2015 – 2016       
Supervisors: Jason Elias, Ph.D., Jason Krompinger, Ph.D., Carol Hevia, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychology Practicum Student: Provided individual exposure and response prevention treatment for OCD inpatients. Received close supervision on core clinical techniques and expert training on OCD pathology and treatment. Conducted diagnostic assessments (i.e., SCID, SCID-II, and MoCA) and produced assessment reports. Led group therapy for mindfulness approaches to OCD treatment.

Cambridge Health Alliance at Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA. 2015
Supervisors: Adam Conklin, Ph.D., Diya Kallivayalil, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology Practicum Student: Observed clinical interviews and treatments in an inpatient hospital setting.  Worked closely with supervisors on important clinical skills such as interviewing, diagnosis, case conceptualization, medication, treatment, etc.  Patients presented with a wide range of severe psychopathologies including suicidality, psychosis-like symptoms, trauma and affective disorders.


Other Clinical Training and Experience

Affective Neuroscience and Development Laboratory at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 2015 – Present  
Supervisors: Matthew K. Nock, Ph.D. and Katie A. McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Clinical consultant:  Assist two large research projects (including the Human Connectome Project-Development) with assessments of child abuse and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.  Make referrals and reports as needed.  Responsible for training and supervising research assistants in assessing risk.

Mentalization Based Treatment: Intensive Basic Training. 2018
Borderline Personality Disorder Training Institute at McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA
Instructors: Anthony Bateman, M.A., F.R.C.Psych & Peter Fonagy, Ph.D.
Trainee: Completed a 23-hour intensive training in the basics of Mentalization Based Treatment, an empirically-supported transdiagnostic treatment for personality and substance use disorders.

Alice! Health Promotion Program at Columbia University, New York, NY. 2008 – 2012      
Supervisors: Michal McNeil, Ph.D., Cara Chervin, M.P.H., Susan Hochman, M.P.H.
Stressbusters Coordinator: Leader of student organization that trains students to support the well-being of the Columbia community by educating on stress coping skills and providing 15-minute back rubs at approximately 170 events each year.   Built program from 16 active members to 70 active members, 56 annual events to 170 events, and 700 annual participants to 3100 participants in 3 years; redesigned training to include modules on appraisal theories of stress and mechanisms for stress buffering via social support. 

Sexual Violence Response Program at Columbia University, New York, NY. 2011 - 2012
Supervisor: Gaurav Jashnani, M.Ed.
Men’s Peer Educator: Educated self and other men on ways to end sexual violence through workshops, events, trainings and regular conversations that raise awareness of masculine social privilege and motivate participants to work against their own privilege. 

Erik’s Tactile Therapies, Perth, Western Australia. 2007 – 2012      
Massage Therapist: Evaluation health needs of clients, treatment planning, administering massage therapies, record keeping of patient histories. 

Nulsen, Perth, Western Australia. 2007 – 2009      
Support Worker for five residents with mental disabilities: Responsible for supporting residents’ social behaviors (encouraging appropriate behaviors, negotiating in difficult situations) and social/skill development.