I am a Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the Department of Radiology.

My research lies in image processing, computer vision, deep learning. The goal is to develop an algorithm for training dataset generation to alleviate the issue of the limited number of training sets and to develop computationally efficient deep learning algorithms for computer vision and medical imaging applications under challenging constraints. My research not only focuses on particular applications to medical imaging systems but also UAV and remote imaging systems. The followings are the details:

  • Perform research on multimodality image registration between MR images and CT images and development of pseudo CT from MR images.
  • Conduct research on the surgical Artificial Intelligence system development: detection, segmentation, tracking of surgical instrument in endoscopic imaging system.
  • Carry out research on developing the advanced tracking solution for augmented reality (AR) prototype using hybrid of computer vision and electromagnetic tracking systems.
  • Perform research on object detection in UAV imaging systems and synthetic-to-real domain adaptation problems. 
  • Conduct research on dynamic, data-driven design methodologies for IoT-Based computer vision systems.

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