Hello! Welcome to my page.

I am a Research Fellow funded by Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program (SGRP) and I work in the McColl lab at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. My reasearch interest lies in the nexus of climate-land-ecosystems-society. My current work focuses on quantifying the impact of climate change and solar geoengineering on ecosystems and society, including forests, agriculture and human health. This is part of the effort to bridge the gap between the communities of climate modeling and ecosystem studies towards better understanding the effects of solar geoengineering on nature and society.

I have experience in studying vegetation dynamics and carbon, nutrient, water and energy cycles of ecosystems across temperate, tropical and the Arctic regions. I use remote sensing, ecosystem modelling and Earth system modeling as main research tools, with model developments, for better monitoring and modelling terrestrial ecosystem processes and land-atmosphere interactions.