2. dMRI Tractography & Atlasing

Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) tractography is an advanced imaging method that uniquely enables in vivo mapping of the brain’s white matter connections at macro scale. Over the last two decades, the study of the human brain using dMRI tractography has played a prominent role in the neuroimaging research landscape. Dr. Zhang and his colleagues have developed novel computational tools for tractography analysis with a focus on improving our understanding of brain structure and function mapping. In particular, they have provided a data-driven tractography atlas, which for the first time enables consistent identification of white matter tracts across the lifespan and across different disease populations. The atlas and the related computational tools are publicly available, which are currently being used by many local, national and international institutions in their research projects.

Selected publications:

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Publisher's Version, Website, Tutorial, Software/Code (Atlaswhitematteranalysis, UKF, SlicerDMRI), Suppl Video 1, Suppl Vidoe 2

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cranial nerves

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