Improving Social and Ecological Equality across Nations

Tackling the causes and mitigating consequences of anthropogenic challenges such as climate change require a psychologically well-informed understanding of how humans perceive and act upon environmental threats. We believe that a better understanding of humans’ social and ecological dominance orientations can help to advance our understanding in this regard. Ecological dominance is a central concept in the study of interspecies and species-environment relations. Yet, although theoretical and empirical work on humans’ ecological dominance and its impact on the planet has progressed in many scientific disciplines, the psychology of ecological dominance remains largely understudied. The present research attempts to advance theoretical and empirical enquiry on ecological dominance as a psychological entity, examining how and why it influences humans’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours across different relational domains (i.e., intraspecies, interspecies, human environment).

This project will leverage social and behavioural insights and data science tecniques to shed more light on the interconnected nature of social and ecological phenomenon. The main goal of this research project is to provide critical insights and provide actionable knowledge to policy makers and stakeholder in their interest to increase social and ecological welfare around the globe.

A project repository is available here: