Media and Its Influence on Obesity


Stanford FC, Tauqeer Z, Kyle TK. Media and Its Influence on Obesity. Curr Obes Rep. 2018;7 (2) :186-192.

Date Published:

2018 Jun


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To review how the media frames obesity and the effect it has upon on public perceptions. RECENT FINDINGS: The scientific and public health understanding of obesity increasingly points away from individual behaviors and toward medical and community factors, but diffusion of this knowledge is slow. Growing awareness of the importance of body positivity is driving attention to the harms of weight bias and fat shaming. Health science reporting related to obesity, nutrition, and physical activity tends to perpetuate myths and misunderstandings. Moving forward, greater attention to accurate messages about obesity and evidence-based interventions will be essential for progress to reduce suffering and the impact on public health from this chronic disease.
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