Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Gauging fine-tuning
F. Azhar & A. Loeb
Physical Review D 98, 103018, (2018)
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Flows into inflation: An effective field theory approach
F. Azhar & D. I. Kaiser
Physical Review D 98, 063515, (2018)
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Scientific realism and primordial cosmology
F. Azhar & J. Butterfield
In The Routledge Handbook on Scientific Realism,  ed. J. Saatsi. London: Routledge, pp. 304–320, (2018)
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Spectra of conditionalization and typicality in the multiverse
F. Azhar
Physical Review D 93, 043506, (2016)
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Polytopes as vehicles of informational content in feedforward neural networks
F. Azhar
Philosophical Psychology 29(5), 697–716, (2016)

Testing typicality in multiverse cosmology
F. Azhar
Physical Review D 91, 103534, (2015)
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Prediction and typicality in multiverse cosmology
F. Azhar
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31(3), 035005, (2014)
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Predicting single-neuron activity in locally connected networks
F. Azhar & W. S. Anderson
Neural Computation 24(10), 2655–2677, (2012)

Epileptic seizures from abnormal networks: Why some seizures defy predictability
W. S. Anderson, F. Azhar, P. Kudela, G. K. Bergey & P. J. Franaszczuk
Epilepsy Research 99(3), 202–213, (2012) 


Papers online

When are correlations strong?
F. Azhar & W. Bialek


Conference Proceedings

Automating interictal spike detection: Revisiting a simple threshold rule
A. Palepu, S. Premanathan, F. Azhar, M. Vendrame, T. Loddenkemper, C. Reinsberger, G. Kreiman, K. A. Parkerson, S. Sarma & W. S. Anderson
In: 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC 2018, pp. 299--302, (2018)

Three aspects of typicality in multiverse cosmology
F. Azhar
In: EPSA15 Selected Papers, eds. M. Massimi, J.-W. Romeijn & G. Schurz. European Studies in Philosophy of Science, vol. 5, Cham: Springer, pp. 125–136, (2017)
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Theses (with original work)

Probabilistic reasoning in the inflationary universe
F. Azhar
Doctoral Dissertation (Philosophy of Physics)
University of Cambridge, U.K. (2017)

Vehicles of informational content in neural networks
F. Azhar
Master's Thesis (Philosophy of Neuroscience)
University of Sydney, Australia (2014)

An information theoretic study of neural populations
F. Azhar
Doctoral Dissertation (Theoretical Physics)
University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A. (2008)