Papers in submission deposited in BioRxiv

September 10, 2018

To share our exciting results, we have deposited completed unpublished manuscripts into the BioRxiv server. I believe BioRxiv (like Arxiv for math and physics) is the future of communicating results for biology. The server has grown greatly in the past several years and is showing increasing readership and influence. We look forward to feedback from community on our in submission works.

The papers (pdfs will be posted on this website) are:

1. Heterogeneity of Sonic Hedgehog Response Dynamics and Fate Specification in Single Neural Progenitors. A single neural progenitor live tracking analysis in collaboration with Andrea from my graduate work in the Megason lab.

2. Mechanical Coupling Coordinates the Co-elongation of Axial and Paraxial Tissues in Avian Embryos. My postdoc work with Maha and Olivier on a very exciting tissue coordination feedback in the elongating chicken body axis. The study incorporates live imaging, modeling and tissue mechanics - providing a flavor of the type of research that I would do in my independent group.