Upcoming lab at Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

September 1, 2018
I am very excited and look forward to starting my own group at Cambridge! To learn more about the details of research and opportunities, please navigate and stay tuned on this site as I update more contents :)

Masayuki's cool paper on metabolism and body elongation published!

March 1, 2017

My colleague Masayuki, who has a strong interest in development and metabolism, made an intriguing discovery in the developing mouse and chicken embryos that the activity of glycolysis forms a gradient along the anterior to posterior axis of the presomitic mesoderm, a key tissue in driving the elongation of the body axis. He went on to discover that this gradient is, unintuitively, not about energy...

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Thanks to all visitors

March 14, 2016

Happy Pi day! My site has been online for ~1.5 years and visited by many, some have turned to be collaborators! More content update will follow throughout this year. More resources will become available too. Thanks a lot :)

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Sunflower - Information website for cancer in children

May 21, 2015

Our website ( focusing on educating and providing updated information to cancer patients (especially children) and their family is now functional and online. This effort is championed by my alumnus Dr. Zhizhong Li, an excellent cancer researcher.

In the era of mixed information and a lot of misguidance from vested interests, this is a completely volunteer-built, free, non-profit site that aims at providing good information to...

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New papers accepted!

April 27, 2015

I have two small papers accepted last week! Many thanks to Ramil, Nik and Sean.

One is a Multicolor labeling strategy modified from the "Brainbow" design (Livet et al., 2007). This paper came from chapter 5 of my dissertation. The other is a mini-review/perspective evaluating the role and relationship of imaging and modeling in modern developmental biology. This paper sort of combines ideas from chapter 1 and 6 of my dissertation. At this point, only chapter 3 has not yet turned to a paper - hopefully we will finish it soon!

The papers will be uploaded here once they came out...

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Presentation at the RIKEN CDB meeting, Kobe

April 5, 2015

Many thanks to the organizers and coordinators at RIKEN Center of Developmental Biology (CDB) for a wonderful symposium "Time in Development". The meeting took place at the CDB center, Kobe, Japan between 3/22 and 3/25.

I was fortunate (again thanks to the organizers and coordinators) to participate this themed symposium during the sakura season in Japan. The meeting featured an ensemble of developmental biologists working on the whole range of time scales from molecular to evolution. I...

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Summary Essay for Graduate Work

March 9, 2015

I wrote this essay for a graduate thesis contest (didn't win :( ). Thought it would be nice to post it anyways - for a quick understanding for the motivations and results of my PhD work.

Summing up single cell behaviors

-Fengzhu Xiong, PhD

 Development relies on orchestrated cell behaviors. The striking precision and robustness observed in a wide range of developmental processes have puzzled...

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Happy 2015!

January 1, 2015

Happy 2015 to everyone!

I had a productive 2014 including finishing the EVL paper, securing postdoc position and funding, visiting colleagues at Peking university, driving my remaining graduate projects to finishing stage, and winning a few imaging prizes. These are not possible without the strong support from Sean, the whole Megason lab, and my collaborators and friends (especially Wenzhe). 2014 saw many great scientific progresses. Best wishes for another productive year for our fellow scientists!

Starting 2015 I will work as with Profs. Pourquie (HMS genetics) and...

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Olympus BioScapes winners announced

Olympus BioScapes winners announced

December 16, 2014

The international competition of life microscopy hosted by Olympus gathers some of the most amazing images and movies of the year. We are happy to have one of our movies selected as an Honorable Mention by the judges, who are also fellow microscopy scientists.

Notably, the first prize is an impressive "in toto" development movie of a fly embryo from the Keller lab at Janelia farm, HHMI. Dr. Keller is a pioneer of global scale high resolution imaging of cells through development...

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Congratulations on winning People's Choice image on Aquaneering Contest!

November 1, 2014

After an intense day of voting - our image stood out as the most liked of the five finalists! Congrats!

Many thanks to likers of the image: family and friends here and back home, Tsinghua alumni, Harvard colleagues and many new friends on Instagram. Also thanks to many who didn't vote but expressed their support and wished good luck :)

The host (...

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