Traditional Politics and Regime Change in Brazil


Frances Hagopian. 1996. Traditional Politics and Regime Change in Brazil, Pp. 317. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Publisher's Version


This book is about politics in Brazil during the military regime of 1964-85 and the transition to democracy. Unlike most books about contemporary Brazilian politics that focus on promising signs of change, this book seeks to explain remarkable political continuity in the Brazilian political system. It attributes the persistence of traditional politics and the dominance of regionally-based, traditional political elites in particular to the manner in which the economic and political strategies of the military, together with the transition to democracy, reinforced the clientelistic, personalistic, and regional basis of state-society relations. The book focuses on the political competition and representation in the state of Minas Gerais.

  • Focuses on persistence of traditional politics through three Brazilian regimes
  • A major contribution to the burgeoning literature on democratic transitions
  • Has genuinely comparative perspective
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