A well-lived life in no particular order...

A qantum wrangler with the mind of a hacker, but in the figure of a dancer

If that description makes any sese to you, plese contact me immediately, because I've a bridge to sell you at a price that you can't refuse.  When I'm not trolling Hacker News, or some shady sub Reddit or free loading on the Dark Web, I try to communicate meaningfully with quantum computers via compiler instructions, lovingly curated in Coq (only a Frenchman can say that without giggling).

I studied quantum thermodynamics & chemical engineering ( a chick magnet at the time) - stood very low in my class, and played on the soccer team ( school denies having a bona fide soccer team at that time).  I went on to pursue graduate studies in flavor physics looking everywhere for the missing anti-matter, until I found out how little physicists get paid, & ever since then I've been masquerading as a portfolio Manager, quantum computing architect or cryptocurrency hack ( does that order reminds you of Dante's descend into hell? ).

Faced with the reality of having to earn a living, I took route 66 to California, where I was hired by someone who prefers never to be identified (like all the dames who've ever loved me), to work for a not-too-big-to-fail hedge fund, where I found out to my shock and horror that writing LP meant linear programming and not love poems.

Ordinarily, reputable scholars proudly list their publications hereunder.  But noting that venerable arXiv.org indicates that my mind's labors of love had only been read or cited by no one, I've decided to play hard to get and allow access on demand only.  So if you've taken your medz for the day and still want to read them, go right ahead and formally plead your case to me.

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