Desparately Seeking Traders' Pay Cheque

Listing of Prop Trading Firms  

Rarely a week goes by without some panicky student, or a recently graduated or "downsized" soul does not impeach me about my alleged connections to the trading world, and demands a referral, or at a minimum an URL to which to upload his or her thoughfully crafted, and multi-fonted resume.

Sardonically, my colleagues in the industry - at least those who still pretend to remember me - miss no opportunity to remind me that no job beggars need apply to their shop and in fact, the pink e-slips are in the email queue.  Of course, no one has actually seen a "pink e-slip" in this centruy, but you must know what I mean by that cliche.

In order to make myself useful but yet remain effortlessly aloof, I've compiled a list of off-Wall Street prop-trading firms who are more likely than their 2big2-fail banking partners-in-crime to stomach trader wannabes.  Moreover, it is axiomatically true that people feel deeply indebted & obligated to those who help them land a job and at that, dames more so than chaps!
So without further delay here is the coveted list of prop trading firms, that is firms trading their own capital in highly liquid exchange-traded markets.  Not all of them are high frequency trading shops and some are limited to one or two asset classes.  Some are in perpetual zombie state (hey, what do you expect, it's trading Chicago style).
Knock your proverbially self out and upload those freshly minted resumes to your hearts contend.
Allston Trading LLC             
Atlantic Trading USA LLC   
Belvedere Trading              
Bluefin Trading, LLC          
Chicago Trading Company, LLC   
Chopper Trading LLC                  
Consolidated Trading LLC          
DRW Holdings, LLC                   
Eagle Seven LLC
Endeavor Trading, LLC
Flow Traders
Gator Trading Partners, LLC                                                                                      
Geneva Trading USA, LLC
Hard Eight Futures, LLC
HTG Capital Partners
Hudson Rivers Trading
IMC Chicago LLC
Infinium Capital Management, LLC
Jump Trading LLC
Ketchum Trading
Kottke Associates, LLC
Liger Investments Limited 
Marquette Partners, LP
Nico Holdings, LLC
Optiver US LLC
Quantlab Financial, LLC 
RGM Trading, LLC
Spot Trading LLC
Sun Trading, LLC
Templar Securities LLC
Tibra Trading America LLC
Tower Research Capital, LLC
TradeForecaster Global Markets LLC
Traditum Group, LLC
WH Trading, LLC
XR Trading LLC