September 2013

Consulting Boutique Firms

While no self-respecting trader would ever want to be found shilling for consulting shops, tough times, call for imaginative and creative hacks.  After all, consulting should be natural for traders.  You get to run your mouth off about any subject (that you only started reading about the night before), and bailing out before any P&L shows up.   Traders can do consulting in their sleep.  The only known drawbacks are death from boredom. puny paychecks, cursing senselessly at slow colleagues, yelling until foaming in the mouth at even slower clients,  etc...

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Financial Sunlight

It is said that sunlight is the best disinfectant - particularly where corruption is suspected.  Nowadays, nowhere this is more evident than in the financial industry and in the so-called investment and dealer-broker banking sectors.

Vast amounts of financial data are reported to the regulatory agencies by the financial services industry at various frequencies.  Ostensibly the purpose of which is to enable the said agencies to better regulate and monitor the activities of the industry participants.  However, as the financial crises of 2009 revealed, neither...

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