Consulting Boutique Firms

While no self-respecting trader would ever want to be found shilling for consulting shops, tough times, call for imaginative and creative hacks.  After all, consulting should be natural for traders.  You get to run your mouth off about any subject (that you only started reading about the night before), and bailing out before any P&L shows up.   Traders can do consulting in their sleep.  The only known drawbacks are death from boredom. puny paychecks, cursing senselessly at slow colleagues, yelling until foaming in the mouth at even slower clients,  etc.

If you can't trade, consult here:

1.  Altman Vilandrie & Co.

2.  Analysis Group

3.  Artisan Consulting

4.  Avascent

5.  Cambridge Associates, LLC      (haha, everyone except Mark Zuckerberg hates you now)

6.  Charles River Associates

7.  CKM Advisors

8.  Cornerstone Research

9.  Dean & Company

10. Decision Resources

11. District Management Council

12. Fidelity Business Consulting

13. Frankel Group

14. Greatest Good

15. Health Advances

16. IMS Consulting Group

17. Innosight

18. Kurt Salmon

18. Leerink Swan LLC

19. OC&C Strategy Consultants

20. Opera Solutions

21. Putnam Associates

22. Research Board

23. Trinity Partners, LLC