R Is For Return on Investments (the statistics language not the molar gas constant)

used to be for the poor and the underfunded - in other words biologists and other desperadoes as such - not anymore now!  Times have changed and investment firms and hedge funds are increasingly joining and mandating the use of R as the de facto lingua franca of finance.  If you are wondering what innovation or improvements have made R so powerful and indispensable to the industry, stop wandering.  It is not R's features and functions nor ease of use, but that it is free and open source.  Proving once again, that the financial industry is best at privatizing public property without paying for it.  You don't believe me?  Check the names of the R Foundation Members & Supporters, for yourself.

Do you think any investment firm would ever allow its quants to contribute in-house or out-house developments to the official R repository?  I do not think so!


Btw: in case you are still wondering the other R - the molar gas constant is 8.31446 m2 Kg s-2 K-1 mol-1.