ROOT Data Analysis Framework

ROOT From CERN is a well kept open secret in the data analysis community.  Years (actually decades) before Google caughed up Tensorflow and the proliferation of data analysis frameworks and workflows, there was ROOT. 

Effortlessly, handling and wrangeling TBs of data (when everyone else thogut TB is tuberculosis) and now PBs of data - it was the workhorse of the legendary hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies LLC for over 3 decades.   It is much more than an empty shell for importing data and presenting nicely and neatly, but rather than it is a full blown - Turing complete - programming language, otherwise known as C++!  But  wait don't run away to your "safe places" like a hysterical feminist after a Trump tweet, it is an interpreted implementation of C++ (Cling).  That means, the learning curve while still much steeper than Python, is rather rewarding and involves no deciphering of endless cryptic compilation errors.