BGP-620: International Macroeconomics.






The course deals with the macroeconomics of open economies. The emphasis will be on models appropriate to major countries. Topics include the foreign exchange market, devaluation, and import and export elasticities; the simultaneous determination of the trade balance, national income, the balance of payments, money flows and price levels; capital flows and our internationallyintegrated financial markets; monetary and fiscal policy in open economies; international macroeconomic interdependence and policy coordination; supply relationships, inflation, and nominal anchors...

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API-120: Advanced Macroeconomics for the Open Economy I





Focuses on the international dimension of macroeconomic policy, particularly monetary, fiscal, and exchange rate policy, and on the determination of the current account balance, national income, and inflation. Special attention is given to developing countries and other small open economies, defined as those for whom prices are determined on world markets. Models of devaluation include those that focus on the price of internationally traded goods in terms of non-traded goods. A major overall theme is countries' choice of monetary regime, especially the degree of exchange rate...

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