Family literary corner

Jeff Frankel
-- Biographical essay, condensed as "Become an Economist, See the World," in Eminent Economists II, Lall Ramrattan & Michael Szenberg, eds. (Cambridge University. Press, 2014).
-- 2 poems: "Ode" & "Picnicking in Peru".
2 jokes.
-- MIT graduate student class-of-1978 skit scripts:
       -- 1975, "Analysis in Wonderland".
       -- 1976 "The Wizard of E52," photo, incl PK.
       -- 1978, "Casablank".
-- The American Revolution & Cambridge Common (Ppt), or PDF version; Graham & Parks School 5th grade class, March 2013.  Historical treasure hunt; accompanying map; Teachers' guide2011.  

Evan Frankel
-- 2009: "Adventures of Jack the Unlucky." 2010: "Movieman." 2012: "Jake the Unlucky." 2013: Longer story. Poem: "Abraham Lincoln," Winner of 2013 Longfellow Prize.

Jack E. Frankel (1924-2020)
--  Photo as a boy.  As soldier.
-- "An Encounter with Murrow."
--  1965, "What's in a Name? -- California Sets the Style," UC Hastings College of the Law.
--  1966, Testimony by Jack E. Frankel on Judicial Fitness, HEARINGS BEFORE THE  SUBCOMMITTEE ON IMPROVEMENTS  IN JUDICIAL MACHINERY,  US Senate, 89th Congress.

Katharine Moon -- (BrookingsWellesley)