Recent Publications on Europe

German Ordoliberals Vs. American Pragmatists: What Did They Get Right or Wrong in the Euro Crisis?” in Ordoliberalism: A German Oddity? 2017, edited by Thorsten Beck and Hans-Helmut Kotz (CEPR: London) Chapter 11, pp. 135-143.

Causes of Eurozone Crises,”  July 20,  2015,  Causes of Eurozone crises past and future, a VoxEU eBook co-edited by Richard Baldwin & Francesco Giavazzi (CEPR: London).

 The Euro Crisis: Where to From Here?” pdf,  published  in Journal of Policy Modeling, 37, issue 3, May/June 2015.  HKS RWP15-015.  

"Over-optimistic Official Forecasts and Fiscal Rules in the Eurozone," with Jesse Schreger2013  in  Review of World Economy (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv) 149, no.2, pp.247-272.. Online appendix, Sept.2012.  NBER WP 18283, Aug. 2012.  

“The Estimated Effects of the Euro on Trade:  Why are They Below Historical Evidence on Effects of Monetary Unions Among Smaller Countries?” in Europe and the Euroedited by Alberto Alesina & Francesco Giavazzi (University of Chicago Press), 2010.

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