Recent Publications on International Trade

Globalization and Chinese Growth: Ends of Trends?” (PDF), 2017, Il Grande Sconvolgimento, edited by Paolo Onofri (Il Mulino: Bologna).  HKS RWP 16-029

The Natural Resource Curse: A Survey,” forthcoming in Export Perils, edited by B. Shaffer (University of Pennsylvania Press).  NBER WP 15836, March 2010.   [A quote.]

"The World Trading System and Implications of External Opening," in The Washington Consensus Reconsidered: Towards a New Global Governance, edited by Narcis Serra and Joseph Stiglitz (Oxford University Press), 2007.  Panel of Fundacio CIDOB forum, Barcelona, 2004. CFIA Disc.Paper 04-07.

"Open Regionalism in a World of Continental Trade Blocs," with Shang-Jin Wei,  IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 45, No. 3, September 1998, 440-453.  NBER WP No. 5272.    

Regional Trading Blocs, with E.Stein and SJ Wei (Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC), 1997.   Draft, 1996, Chapters 4-6, incl. "The Gravity Model of Bilateral Trade."  Rough: Chs 1-3Chs 4-6.

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