Publications by Date

Frankel J. On the Mark: A Theory of Floating Exchange Rates Based on Real Interest Differentials. American Economic Review. 1979;69 (4) :601-622. Publisher's Version
Frankel J. The Diversifiability of Exchange Risk. Journal of International Economics. 1979;9 :379-393. Publisher's Version
Frankel J. Is There Trade with Other Planets?. 1978.Abstract
If you add up countries' reported trade balances, you don't get zero. Is the explanation Errors & Omissions?  Or does Earth run a trade deficit with other planets?  [As cited by Krugman's "Theory of Interstellar Trade."]
Frankel J, Abel A, Beleza M, Hill R, Krugman P. A Model of the Portugese Economy. Economia. 1977;1 (1).
Frankel J. Cocoa in Ghana: The Cocoa Farmers, Cocoa Marketing Board, and Elasticity of Supply. MIT Department of Economics. 1974. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This paper claimed to refute the view that Ghana's cocoa farmers could be paid a below-market price by the national marketing board, without adversely affecting their output.  After a review of the history, the elasticity of supply is estimated econometrically.  Local rainfall is an exogenous variable and the lag structure is taken from biological growth pattern of the trees.