Recent Publications on Asia

Globalization and Chinese Growth: Ends of Trends?” (PDF), 2017, Il Grande Sconvolgimento, edited by Paolo Onofri (Il Mulino: Bologna).  HKS RWP 16-029

"Misinterpreting Chinese Intervention in Financial Markets," China-US Focus, September 10, 2015

"Congress, China, and Currency Manipulation," China-US Focus, vol. 6, April-May 2015, 36-38.     
"Chinese currency manipulation not a problem,"  East Asia Forum, March 9, 2015.  

China is Not Yet Number One,” in Frontiers of Economics in China, March 2015, 10, no.1, 1-6.  "China is Not Yet #1," VoxEU, May 19, 2014.    

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"Internationalization of the RMB and Historical Precedents," published in Journal of Economic Integration 2012, vol.27, no.3, pp. 329-365. 

Historical precedents for the internationalization of the RMB,” 2011. Written for a workshop in Beijing, Council on Foreign Relations & China Development Research Foundation, Nov.1.    //

"The Renminbi Since 2005,"  in The US-Sino Currency Dispute: New Insights from Economics, Politics and Law,  edited by Simon Evenett (Centre for Economic Policy Research: London) 2010, 51-60.

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