Recent Publications on Developing Countries

"How to Cope with Volatile Commodity Export Prices: Four Proposals” (pdf) rev. Oct. 2017; forthcoming in an e-book, edited by Rabah Arezki and Raouf Boucekkine. HKS RWP17-033;  CID WP 335, 2017.

The Currency-Plus-Commodity BasketA Proposal for Exchange Rates in Oil-Exporting Countries to Accommodate Trade Shocks Automatically​”  forthcoming 2018 in: Macroeconomic Institutions and Management in Resource-Rich Arab Economies, edited by K.Mohaddes, J.Nugent and H.Selim. (Oxford University Press). AbstractCID WP no  333, 2017.  Summarized in Policy Brief No. 26, June 2017, Economic Research Forum (Cairo).

"Nominal GDP Targeting for Developing Countries," with Pranjul Bhandari, September 2017, Research in Economics (Elsevier vol.71, issue 3, September, pp. 491-506. Uncorrected page proofs NBER WP 20898

 "Mauritius: African Success Story,"  2016, African Successes, edited by S.Edwards, S.Johnson, & D.Weil (Univ. Chicago Press). CID WP 234. NBER WP 16569, Summarized in NBER Digest2011.  

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The Natural Resource Curse: A Survey of Diagnoses and Some Prescriptions,” in Commodity Price Volatility and Inclusive Growth in Low-Income Countriesedited by R.Arezki, et al. (IMF), 2012.

A Solution to Fiscal Procyclicality:  The Structural Budget Institutions Pioneered by Chile,” in Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Performance, 2013.

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